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Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Annually, the General Assembly of the Association of Bulgarian Investor Relations Directors adopts a Program for the following year which outlines the major trends in the development of the organization.

Program 2014

During the period of its existence the Association of Bulgarian Investor Relations Directors, independently and in cooperation with other organizations, has initiated and conducted over 40 public events - seminars, round tables and discussion forums, including with international participation. The trainings which the ABIRD conducts every year further the improvement of the professional qualification not only of the own members but also the one of all Investor Relation Directors and contribute to improvement of the communication with all groups of interested parties on the capital market - different groups of investors, analysts, investment intermediaries, financial media, Financial Supervision Commission, Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia JSC and Central Depositary JSC.



The Association of Bulgarian Investor Relations Directors /ABIRD/, as an organization representing the interests of the IR Directors in the country, for the period of its existence has shown and proven many times to be professionally and socially responsible both in terms of conducted legislative amendments and in terms of the overall improvement of the conditions for functioning of the capital market which should be adequate to the social maturity and needs of the investment community. The organization actively works for the investment community as it not only takes part in important events for the capital market but also timely presents substantiated statements, opinions, recommendations related to amendments in the legislation, the Rules of the Bulgarian Central Depository JSC and the Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia JSC and regularly elaborates and publicly announces analyses on the corporate governance level among the Bulgarian companies which had joined the Bulgarian Corporate Governance Code.