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Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Annual IR awards 2009

The Association of Bulgarian Investor Relations Directors for the first time held Annual IR Awards Competition. Financial analysts, institutional investors and other participants in the capital market in Bulgaria for the first time participated in the assessment to award the best Investor Relations directors for 2008 at the end of the international IR conference. The ranking is constructed by consulting the leading investment consultants, financial analysts, institutional investors, portfolio managers, brokers and other capital market participants, then the results are summarized by the five-member jury, consisting of representatives of leading market associations and the BSE - Sofia.

Awards received:

Daniela Peeva - "Best Investor Relations Director for 2008"

Veneta Ilieva - "Best Communications for strategic development, management and risk in the interim and annual financial statements for 2008"

Pelagia Vyacheva - "Best communications with investors and stakeholders"

Bogomila Hristova - "Best IR initiatives for 2008"

Snejana Yotinska - "Best IR website"