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Saturday, January 20, 2018
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20th of October 2011


The Managing Board of the Non-profit organization "Association of Bulgarian Investor Relations Directors" /ABIRD/, Sofia under Article 26 of LNPLE convenes a regular meeting of the General Assembly of ABIRD on 11/29/2011 at 14.00 pm. in Sofia - 1000, 1 Gurko street, Sofia Grand Hotel, Serdika Hall with the following agenda:

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13th of June 2011

A research is published on the condition of the nonbank investment mediators for the period January – March 2011.

The study presents the main indicators for the activity of the nonbank investment mediators for the period January – March 2011 on an aggregate basis. The number of nonbank investment mediators reduces from 52 early in the month of January to 50 by the end of March 2011. For the period January – March 2011 there aren’t any nonbank investment mediators that are in violation of the requirements of capital adequacy and liquidity. There is an exception in three mediators, for which has been found, that don’t maintain constantly no less than 70 per cent of their cash funds in bank accounts.

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2nd of May 2011

The European Commission put its ideas on corporate governance in the EU in a discussion paper for public consultation. Enclosed we bring to your attention the Discussion paper.

The consultation closes on 22 July 2011, after which the Commission will decide whether is needed any change in the relevant EU laws.

The Association of Bulgarian Investor Relation Directors will present its statement following a coordination procedure with its members.


29th of April 2011

On 22nd of April 2011 the Deputy Chairman of the Managing Board of The Association of Bulgarian Investor Relation Directors - Sofia Argirova was chosen to represent the Association in Securities and Markets Stakeholder Group – to the European Securities and Markets Authority.

In the group of stakeholders are selected 30 representatives of the European economic and academic community to consult European Securities and Markets Authority on issues, related to the capital market. The group will meet at least 4 times annually, drawing up statements and presenting them to European Securities and Markets Authority.


15th of April 2011

On 15.04.2011 was held the first annual meeting of The Association of Bulgarian Investor Relation Directors /ABIRD/ in the town of Pavel Banya, Sevtopolis hotel. The meeting was attended by approximately 40 investor relations directors of public companies and other securities issuers. During the meeting in one of the sessions jointly with experts from the Financial Supervision Commission have been discussed the most common mistakes in the procedures of convening and holding general meetings of shareholders and disclosure of information, relating to these circumstances. It should be borne in mind, that the quoted mistakes are not massive, but they need to be summarized  with a view to their future avoidance. Given the above The Association of Bulgarian Investor Relation Directors presents information material to its members hoping that it will contribute to a more strict compliance with the legal framework, relevant to the most important corporate event of any  company, namely the General Meeting of Shareholders.


12th of April 2011

Association of Investment Managers in Bulgaria published “Analysis and measurement of the portfolio performance in collective investment schemes in Bulgaria – in 2010”.

The publication is the result of efforts of the Association of Investment Managers in Bulgaria to prepare and distribute most complete, accurate and useful information about the financial services sector and in particular the market of collective investment schemes in Bulgaria. Data for the presentation of 90 collective investment schemes, operated by Bulgarian companies, are featured in the publication. The results of the funds are analyzed through the prism of some common factors and indicators giving information on the profitability of the investment scheme and the underwriting. At the same time alternative methods of analysis and valuation of the portfolio are being applied, thanks to which is given a more detailed and specific information about the sources and ways to achieve investment returns.

Analysis can be found here.


31st of March 2011

The Financial Supervision Commission approved draft law on the activities of collective investment schemes and other collective investment enterprises.

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25th of March 2011

Is there a chance Bulgarian companies to list on the Deutsche Börse?

Over the past year several large Bulgarian public companies have expressed interest to register for trade their securities not only on the Bulgarian market, but also on other European market. And this is understandable given the low liquidity and lack of large foreign institutional investors on the Bulgarian market. Some companies declared solid intensions this to happen on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, and since August 2010 one Bulgarian company is traded on the alternative segment of the stock exchange in Poland.

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22nd of March 2011

On 22nd of March 2011 the Financial Supervision Commission published a message on the deadline for payment of annual fees in the Nonbank financial sector.

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19th of March 2011

The Association of Bulgarian Investor Relation Directors will held on 15th -17th  of April 2011 the First annual meeting of the members of the organization. After a poll to the members SPA HOTEL Sevtopolis****, Pavel Banya , was set for a meeting place.

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